Smart 2020
Vice President, Digital Government
Unisys Federal

Looking ahead to 2020 elections, government modernization and IT reform are rarely headline news. However, leaders in Congress continue to push agencies to improve service to citizens, reduce wasteful spending, and increase response rates to cyber security threats. This keynote session will explore Congressional initiatives and oversight of agency efforts in the delivery of secure digital services. […]


Cloud migration is a critical component of agencies’ current strategic roadmap, but just getting to the cloud was never the end goal. Aging software, stove-piped systems, and the inefficiencies of building capabilities from scratch limit agencies’ ability to rapidly innovate and adapt. This session will explore smart techniques and technologies to overcome these hurdles – and elevate above the cloud – by addressing:

  • Achieving benefits from Cloud migration and modernization investment
  • Connecting data and information across multiple clouds, in the patchwork of SaaS, COTs, and an expanding data landscape
  • Improving software applications using cloud native services beyond IaaS

Vice President, Application Services
Unisys Federal
Sonny Bhagowalia [pending approval]
Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Information and Technology
U. S. Customs and Border Protection

Studies show that up to 85% of machine learning projects may never be operationally deployed. Government organizations are moving beyond proof of concept and are making smart attempts to operationalize artificial intelligence and machine learning – with mixed results. This panel will discuss how agencies are focused on delivering mission through data insights, and address:

  • Approaches for data management, governance, and security at operational scale
  • Lowering the bar for adoption of data analytics with AI-enabled tools
  • Establishing organizational trust and employee skills needed for AI success
  • Differences between AI/ML development and traditional application development

Amy Edwards [pending approval]
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of the Fiscal Assistant Secretary
Department of the Treasury
Lead Solution Architect
Executive Architect
Unisys Federal

Enterprise organizations are evolving to keep pace with growing demands for digital services.  Shifting to always-on, always-connected mobility, and the migration to next-gen technologies are strategic imperatives for any federal agency.

Curious how Federal organizations are embracing these trends and empowering mission enablement with speed, user experience, and higher security assurance?

Join this session to hear from Federal IT experts as they discuss how agencies and enterprise can identify and implement smart technology solutions for cloud, application, networking and security, and more. […]


Data breaches have far-reaching consequences and cyber defense is much more costly than cyber-attacks. For agencies with legacy systems and business critical operational technology and industrial control systems, traditional security models that rely on user compliance and hardware defined boundaries are outdated and ineffective against advanced cyber criminals. To take charge of threat management operations, Federal IT leaders are forming innovative, smart, and adaptive security models. Join this session to hear from both industry and Federal IT executives as they discuss:

  • Building trust, visibility, and resiliency
  • Managing rapid threat detection and response with automated cyber defense
  • Leveraging cloud to deliver resilient capabilities

Paul Beckman [pending approval]
Chief Information Security Officer
Department of Homeland Security
Vice President, Cloud, Infrastructure, and Security (CIS)
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