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We are a group of former Federal IT leaders, technology industry executives, and journalists. We believe the technology priorities embraced by the next President of the United States will be central to our nation’s ability to remain secure, competitive, open, innovative, and responsive to the needs of citizens. That is why we are endorsing Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. […]

capitol hill dome

Congress next week plans to hold a hearing on how Federal agencies are doing in their adherence to the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act, known as FITARA, and the public will get its first look at the second round of agency grades.


18F logos

Taxpayers and lawmakers will be angry when they learn that it took a small team of designers from the General Services Administration’s 18F an entire weekend to come up with a change to the digital service team’s logo.


veteran scheduling

After years of development and hundreds of millions of dollars spent, the Department of Veterans Affairs is balking at the idea of replacing its flawed scheduling system with a commercial alternative. Yes, even after a major scandal involving deliberate manipulation of the scheduling system that led to the deaths of veterans, VA thought it was appropriate to tackle the development themselves.


iPhone security

A Federal court order would force Apple to unlock the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino terrorists for the FBI. But the FBI versus Apple standoff has little to do with government surveillance powers and even less to do with imperiling the security of dissidents around the world. That’s just what the post-Snowden cottage industry of privacy-at-all-costs advocates, and Apple, want you to believe.