Agencies are working to match the right workload to the right cloud, and most recognize one cloud does not fit all. As we optimize our data centers, improve agility, and pave the way for emerging technology, how are multi-cloud environments letting agencies leapfrog past modernization roadblocks? What do agencies need to consider — from expanding […]

Benjamin Bergersen [pending approval]
Chief Information Officer
U.S. Trade and Development Agency
Doug Bourgeois
Managing Director, Federal Technology Strategy & Architecture

Agencies are looking to shared services for potential cost savings and operational efficiencies. New requirements brought on by the cyber security executive order, Modernizing Government Technology Act, and other initiatives, are driving agencies to take a hard look at their approaches to IT modernization and put shared services at center stage. […]

Jennifer Cronis [moderator]
General Manager, Department of Defense
Amazon Web Services
Chief Product Officer / Executive Director for the Office of Enterprise Application Development
Office of the CIO
Department of Health and Human Services

Advances with machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics have put the Internet of Everything (IoE) in the forefront of the government IT conversation. As cloud-based infrastructures take center stage, so does the possibilities of the innovation they power. […]

Steve O'Keeffe
Steve O'Keeffe [moderator]
Chief Digital Strategist and Vice President
Public Sector
Syed Azeem [pending approval]
Senior IT Project Manager
General Services Administration
Deputy Director for Digital Strategy
Department of the Interior
Jason Howe [pending approval]
A1 CTO and Chief Cloud Architect
U.S. Air Force

Accelerating cloud adoption is essential to effective implementation of “smarter everything” technologies – from IoT and AI to machine learning and virtualized data centers and storage. Cloud platforms are critical to harnessing the power – and innovation – of these emerging technologies to meet today’s modernization requirements. […]

Senior Innovation Architect and Advisor

When it comes to defining IT innovation in the government workplace there is no guidebook, no set of standards, no “how-to” instructions. Success in the cloud era is only one part technology – the rest depends on leadership, engagement, planning, outcomes, shifts in thinking, and collaboration. […]

Steve Harris, Dell EMC
Steve Harris [moderator]
Senior Vice President and General Manager
Dell EMC
Chief of the Identity Records and National Security Division
Office of Information Technology (OIT)
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Deputy Group President
Leidos Health Group
Jaclyn Smyth [pending approval]
Strategic Procurement Programs Director
Department of Homeland Security