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Innovators Anonymous

If necessity is the mother of invention, Federal agencies are about to see a baby boom. The dip in Federal discretionary funding isn't just a problem on graph paper; it has real-life ramifications inside of Federal agencies.

The reality of the matter is, Federal budgets are shrinking and are forecasted to shrink even further in the coming years. MeriTalk surveyed Federal managers to better understand the depth of the budget cuts, the impact on agency programs, and the difference between standard and innovative approaches to addressing the ever-shrinking budget.

Download "Innovators Anonymous" to find out:

  • The current size and impact of budget cuts within Federal agencies and what implications these cuts have for Feds
  • How Federal agencies are reacting to the shrinking budgets
  • How innovative thinkers within government think we can address budget shortfalls
  • What the ever-increasing budget constraints means for citizens

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