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MeriTalk and GSA are working together to connect the new Technology Transformation (TTS) leadership with industry and government to enhance collaboration on key issues – FedRAMP and 18F.  We want your feedback.

We will hold an interactive session September 13th at the Newseum in Washington D.C. where David Shive, the new Commissioner for GSA’s TTS, and his GSA colleagues will talk about the future for FedRAMP and TTS.  Get the discussion started now by joining in on the online conversation — we’ll consider your input to help shape the agenda for September 13th.  We’re all ears.

Let us know what you think of the below:

  • What are the biggest challenges and opportunities facing FedRAMP?
  • How can GSA improve FedRAMP?
  • How can GSA pivot the program to increase value and reduce cost in reaction to government and industry feedback?
  • How should we measure success?
  1. Anonymous | - Reply
    What improvements will give CIOs and CISOs confidence in the program? Lack of faith in the program will take time to turn around.
  2. Anonymous | - Reply
    Flexibility to quickly adapt? Incentives to use?
  3. Anonymous | - Reply
    With the new baseline, how long do you anticipate it will take CSPs to achieve FedRAMP high certification? Will even more controls mean an even longer process?
  4. Anonymous | - Reply
    An issue that is been raised in some forums, but not addressed in the Fix FedRAMP 6-Point Plan, is how to "include" small-business CSPs where the Federal market represents a very small proportion of their customer base. These CSPs can neither afford, nor justify the ROI associated with the cost of obtaining a FedRAMP compliant ATO. However, the services offered by these CSPs are needed by a few Agencies to support mission needs, such as Agencies involved in scientific research where the CSP is widely used by non-federal collaborators.

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