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Privacy and Security – Pandora's Web?
Cyber criminals stole $6 trillion in 2021 – a sum greater than the GDP of every nation with the exception of the U.S. and China. But, that’s table stakes compared to the cost to our democracy – namely confidence in our government and society – all at the hands of increasingly sophisticated and determined state sponsors. Unless we fix the cyber security and integrity issues, democracy may fall. At the tactical level, the Federal government will spend nearly $19 billion on cyber security in 2021. Why then, does it feel like we’re losing the game of whack-a-mole? The simple answer: Our programs are ineffective, incoherent, and indecipherable against a highly organized and sophisticated threat vector. CISA had no idea that Russians were in our house for many months during the SolarWinds breach. A lot to unpack here. Is it time to consider regulating the internet? How do we juggle individual freedoms and national security? And, how do we secure Uncle Sam?