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Track 6

Education and Workforce - Alexa, Will You Take My Job?
COVID-19 x AI = Exponential workforce disruption…and an opportunity to turbocharge U.S. global competitiveness. The downside: In the next decade, 30 percent of jobs worldwide – and 44 percent of workers with low levels of education – are at risk due to AI and automation. As China kicks into automation overdrive, we can’t get left behind – and exponential productivity gains allow us to unlock new wealth and opportunities. Automation will replace people in the jobs nobody wants – and allow us to fill critical skills gaps in cyber security, analytics, and more. The World Economic Forum predicts we’ll lose 85 million jobs but gain 97 million new jobs across 26 countries by 2025. And, according to PwC, AI will lead to a $15.7 trillion increase in global GDP – greater than the combined GDP of China and India. So, let’s consider the education and workforce questions. What skills do we need? How do we deliver them rapidly and at scale? And, maybe most important, how do we fund this massive undertaking?