Move to a Zero Trust Model With Application Security Testing
Move to a Zero Trust Model With Application Security Testing

After years of increasing and sophisticated cyber incidents – from the SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline breaches to the log4j vulnerability – the White House, Office of Management and Budget, and the Department of Homeland Security have put government mandates in place to address broad cyber risks. Mandates such as OMB M-22-09 and CISA BODs 20-01 and 22-01 are moving the U.S. Government to a Zero Trust model, where no user or system is automatically trusted. Federal agencies need to consider dedicated application security testing in addition to ongoing compliance requirements.

Learn how Synack365 gives organizations on-demand access to the most trusted worldwide network of security researchers. Backed by a vetted community of ethical researchers for continuous penetration testing and vulnerability management, Synack protects more than 30 government organizations with application security testing capabilities that deliver better results at scale than traditional methods.


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