Government runs on telework during the pandemic – and agencies are laser focused on allowing employees to work from home. How do we make sure government doesn’t backslide and ban telework when the pandemic’s in the rearview mirror?

MeriTalk invites you to share your telework success stories – human, tech, environmental, and personal.

Stories and numbers set up the business case. So, we’ve inherited and updated the Telework Exchange’s Government Telework Savings Calculator. Powered by input from government employees and agencies, and drawing on research from the Telework Consortium and the Department of Energy, this calculator quantifies actual Federal telework savings.

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We invite you to use the Telework Savings Calculator to log:
  • Number of roundtrip miles you commute to work – or avoided commuting – by teleworking
  • Number of days you work
  • Number of days you telework
  • Type of car you drive
  • Your agency affiliation

The calculator automatically computes the telework cost savings, environmental benefits, and telework dividends of Federal telework.

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MeriTalk Community Telework Savings

In total, MeriTalk subscribers have saved the following since teleworking:

Telework Savings
Telework Impact
Commute Cost
Commute Impact

How do your telework cost savings stack up against the rest of the MeriTalk community? Fill out the calculator to see your results.

What’s the Haps with Telework

Staying connected in a remote world can make a world of a difference. Whether you’re rating your coworker’s background, watching your coworkers (or yourself!) fail at video conferencing, we’ve got you covered – check out the below for some laughs. Share your humorous moments with @MeriTalk on Twitter using #TeleworkMishaps