Brett Scott

Tech Data

Brett L. Scott serves as director of security solutions for Tech Data. In
this role, he is responsible for accelerating the sales of security
solutions through the Tech Data partner ecosystem. Leveraging
supplier sales, training and enablement and delivery services
specialists, Scott is responsible for new supplierresearch / recruitment
to deliver new security products and services to Tech Data, and
enables customers to sell those solutions to their clientele effectively.
He joined Tech Data in February 2017 upon the completion of Tech
Data’s acquisition of Avnet’s Technology Solutions division.

Scott is the co-founder and technical architect of The Arizona Cyber
Warfare Range, a non-profit organization leading the country in
teaching hands-on cyber security skills in a real-world environment to
those motivated to develop real competence in cyber security. The
Arizona Cyber Warfare Range, combined with The Arizona Cyber
Threat Response Alliance (ACTRA), is the first Information Sharing and Analysis Organization
(ISAO), leading the U.S. in delivering breakthrough and effective cyber intelligence, critical skills
and essential knowledge to help defend the U.S. and its interests.

Scott holds a deep technical and hands-on background, especially in cyber security, software
design and development, and secure network / communications. His career began
professionally in 1987, and he remains hands-on, but has many years of experience leading
technical teams. During his career, Scott has worked in many different industries and has a great
deal of in-depth knowledge on cyber security issues facing companies today.

Brett Scott
Security Solutions
Tech Data