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Since taking office as the third Chief Information Officer of the United States in February 2015, Tony Scott has made countless contributions to government IT through his strong leadership, continued efforts to improve existing initiatives and initiate new ones, as well as his fearless pursuit of Federal excellence.  When the current administration ends early next year, we don’t want to see this effective leader leave his post.

View his accomplishments below or download the PDF

Let’s work together to keep Tony Scott in office for the next Presidential term.  Sign our petition today to keep the Great Scott working toward a better future for government IT.

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16 Months with the Great Scott

Take a spin through Tony Scott’s most impressive work as Federal CIO:

February 5, 2015
President Barack Obama appoints Tony Scott as Federal CIO
March 1, 2015
Publishes TechFAR handbook, helping agencies use the Digital Services Playbook
March 4, 2015
Kicks off the 2015 CIO Council IT Solutions Challenge to uncover procedural problems across agencies
March 19, 2015
Launches the Digital Analytics Dashboard, helping agencies understand how people find, access, and use government services online
March 24, 2015
Speaks publicly for the first time as Federal CIO at AFCEA Bethesda forum
April 22, 2015
Speaks for the first time in front of Congress
June 10, 2015
Releases Management and Oversight of Information Technology Resources, helping agencies with FITARA implementation
June 12, 2015
Launches 30-Day Cybersecurity Sprint, instructing agencies to immediately further protect Federal information and assets
August 3, 2015
Releases results of the 30-Day Cybersecurity Sprint, showing agencies increased their use of strong authentication
October 16, 2015
Directs all civilian agencies to purchase laptops and desktops through existing "best value" government-wide contracts
October 21, 2015
Proposes for the first time in 15 years revisions to Circular A-130, Managing Information as a Strategic Resource
October 30, 2015
Takes the results of the 30-Day Cybersecurity Sprint and creates the Cybersecurity Strategy and Implementation Plan ("CSIP")
October 30, 2015
Issues guidance to agencies on Fiscal Year 2015 - 2016 FISMA
November 23, 2015
Issues guidance to agencies for identifying their cyber skills gaps
November 30, 2015
Announces the winners of the 2015 CIO Council IT Solutions Challenge
December 21, 2015
Directs agencies to more efficiently manage and buy software
January 22, 2016
Establishes the National Background Investigations Bureau
March 2, 2016
Releases a data center consolidation policy meant to supersede the 2010 FDCCI
March 9, 2016
Releases memo outlining a six-step process to identify new approaches for buying IT goods and services

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What People Are Saying

He is a great inspiration to new and upcoming cybersecurity professionals such as myself. I follow his work as much as I can.

Having recently served at a government agency for 15 years before joining Dell less than a year ago, I cannot agree more that Tony Scott has made a real impression. Not often has there been a well orchestrated progression of initiatives. In his own agile way, various guidance, mandates, and reasonable initiatives have been released to build momentum and facilitate change not only in the IT landscape, but more importantly in security posture and the way the government sees how IT fits into the way it must govern its own resources. Tony, with the help of others of course, has led that charge which only exemplifies his ability to provide leadership in a time where it is imperative for success.

Fair, Balance, Smart, Honest - what more can you ask for

I agree! He has done a great job. And Tony is critical to securing and managing the much needed IT Modernization Fund. It we wants to stay on, I'm all for it.

Scott has a very pragmatic approach to the revitalization of government information systems, which is a deep breath of fresh hair. Let's keep the momentum moving in the right direction. To stay still, or slip backward would be a travesty and embarrassment to America. Drop the politics and do the best thing for our country and keep and support Scott!

We need Tony to be able to keep going with the outstanding initiatives he's championing now across the Federal Government. His consistent, ongoing leadership as our Federal CIO is critical to maintaining the upward momentum he's created improving the way our government runs IT, the increasing security of our systems and the move to better acquisition policies and cost avoidance. Please keep Tony in place!

Tony gets good things done.

As a new intern at the Office of Management and Budget, Tony's interest in detail and devotion to progress has already resonated with me. He is a very inspiring individual.

Consistently provides useful and reasonable advice and support.

Tony has been a transformative leader with a clear vision to address the challenges of digitalization and 21st century services delivery. Its critical that we retain talented and capable IT leadership in federal service.

Go Tony! The empowerment given to OMB Cyber to take a data-driven approach to identifying areas for improvement of agencies has been a model for good governance.

Mr. Scott's list of accomplishments during his short tenure should be an indication the things he could do if invited to stay, regardless of the incoming administration. It makes sense to keep an effective leader in a post that has such a large impact on government wide IT directives.

Tony appreciates the need for a fund to initiate transformation - in my view, this has been the primary reason Federal Agencies have not realized the efficiencies from data center consolidation or moving workloads to the cloud.

Transformation is hard by definition. We need a leader like Tony Scott to continue to push forward despite all of the challenges that have been thrown at him.

He's great because he gets IT! His commercial experience is rare and much needed in the federal government.

Tony understands that the government does not need repetitive silos of technology doing pretty much the same function and that looking at what has worked in the private sector is the best approach. If something has worked for numerous commercial entities, why not just "federalize" the necessary portions and save the taxpayers MONEY and more importantly- get these solutions out to the citizens in a timely manner. F1000 companies don't wait YEARS to get technology solutions rolled out to their customers and spend needless dollars so why should our government. Tony understands and can make a huge impact over the next few years!! GO TONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We need someone from industry with progressive and proven ideas, and Tony has delivered.

He cares - he is committed - - he comes from industry and brings best practices from his stints at GM and Disney . . he has developed a meaningful IT roadmap and knows how to deal with the Hill -- the ITMF is an example of a badly needed funding mechanism that he helped get approved. He is progressive and yet conservative enough to be seen as "inclusive" and not threatening to the Agency CIOs . . .he doesn't bite off more than he can chew . . . he is collaborative and transparent . . .

Mr. Scott has the right temperament for this difficult job, as well as the right skills and experience. He shows no sign of fatigue or lacking in new ideas and initiatives and he is well respected throughout government. This is a rare set of skills and talents and if he is willing to stay in this almost apolitical job, we should encourage this and take advantage of his strengths.

Tony has empowered the stakeholders and made them accountable. Finally running IT as a business. Don't move our lighthouse!

Tony Scott is a breath of fresh air and is making good things happen. I hope he gets the opportunity to continue his efforts to modernize IT if the Federal Government.

Approachable, Smart, Determined and Innovative!

Tony Scott is trying to break the vicious cycle of maintaining outdated legacy systems and upgrade our Federal government’s IT. I’m behind him 100%.

Scott has continued to build on the incredible work done by previous Federal CIOs to change the way Feds are managing IT. Excited to see what else he can accomplish in the position

Tony Scott may be a newcomer to government, but he understands how to run IT like a business. He’s improving IT for all of us – can’t think of a better Federal CIO.

Tony Scott tells it straight. He gets that throwing money at legacy IT isn’t going to solve anything. Scott wants to do more than keep the lights on – so let’s let him.

Scott’s 30-day cybersecurity sprint initiative literally had agencies racing to meet his expectations – a sign of a great leader.

The list of his best work while Federal CIO will just continue to grow – keep Scott around!

Tony Scott has tried to fix government IT from all angles… personnel, policy, procedures, etc… Love the holistic approach

The name says it all – he really is the “Great” Scott.

Definitely need to keep Scott around to see how FITARA implementation continues to play out under his leadership

Really appreciated the push from Scott during the 30 day cybersecurity sprint – think it helped Fed agencies tighten up where it was needed most.

Whether it’s Trump or Hillary, would love to see Tony Scott work with our next President to continue advancing government IT policy and practice.

Tony Scott has done great work throughout his tenure as Federal CIO. Hope to see him stay in the position for a little while longer.