Snowflake, Qlik Officials: Modern Data Delivers Mission Success

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Officials from cloud data platform provider Snowflake, and data integration and analytics provider Qlik, discussed a range of government-focused use cases for their services during a recent webinar hosted by MeriTalk.

Chris Tran, a senior sales engineer at Snowflake, talked about the modern architecture that Snowflake brings to the table and the different types of use cases that Snowflake and Qlik can support.

“There are specific use cases that we see very commonly on our platform,” Tran explained. “The most common type is the data warehouse. In there, we can provide data in a format and in an optimized way of serving that data up to all of your different business intelligence (BI) tools, such as Qlik, or any other BI tools out there on the market.”

Tran also highlighted another popular use case – the data lake. Agencies often work in environments with a combination of structured and unstructured data formats. Having modern systems allows agencies to store data in a simple way so they can easily extract and compute information to yield greater data-driven decision making.

Among other Federal government use cases, Tran said storage and data lakes are two areas where agencies can modernize to realize valuable data-use benefits. “The idea of digital accountability and transparency is a major initiative probably across every single agency being able to get the data out,” he said.

Tran added, “Given the climate that we’re all in today with the COVID-19 pandemic, what becomes even more important is being able to share that data out to the wider [public], not just to individual citizens of the U.S., but also to the other agencies and how we share this data in such a way again that is governed.”

Tim Garrod, an analytics data architect at Qlik, explained that data platform modernization involves data ingestion, processing, and modernizing the development lifecycle around data assets.

“When you think about moving data into these modern platforms … It’s the same technical pattern that oftentimes you’re developing again and again with different sources and targets and some business transformations,” explained Garrod.

“From a Qlik integration perspective, we provide the capabilities to both ingest data in a frictionless fashion into Snowflake in near real time … and automate the end-to-end warehouse lifecycle.”

Looking ahead, both officials emphasized that modernizing data systems will help agencies better use their data to deliver on mission-critical goals.

To listen to the webinar on-demand now – visit this page.