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On March 23, MeriTalk was called as a witness by the Senate's Federal Financial Management, Government Information, Federal Services, and International Security Subcommittee for a hearing on open government. View the results of the Ogov Survey that MeriTalk shared and continue to share your thoughts by completing the short survey below. Take a minute and exercise your voice in open government.

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Do you think that government is more open today than when President Obama took office?
Do you feel that Ogov is providing you with a voice in how government works?
How would you grade the Office of Management and Budget's IT Dashboard?
What are the biggest challenges that Ogov initiatives will have to overcome in the Federal government?
What are the biggest opportunities that Ogov can leverage to fundamentally change the way government operates?
Who in the government is responsible for the Ogov Directive?
Should the government execute research to identify what citizens like/dislike and want/need in Ogov?
How would you grade the clarity of OMB guidance on what agencies should do to achieve Ogov goals?
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