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Infrastructure Independence

As Federal IT requirements tighten and its resulting costs skyrocket, agencies are struggling to pinch pennies. Caught in a bind between missions and budgets, agencies are no doubt looking to cut corners, but often overlook an opportunity right in front of them – infrastructure diversity.

Federal agencies are aware that moving to a multi-vendor infrastructure environment will reduce capital expenditures while only minimally increasing operating expenditures. Despite this knowledge, agencies continue to cling to their current manufacturers. In fact, outside of applications, agencies tend to utilize only a limited number of manufacturers in each infrastructure area.

MeriTalk surveyed Federal IT professionals to better understand if agencies are moving toward a multi-vendor infrastructure environment and if not – why?

Download "Infrastructure Independence: Set My IT Free" to find out:

  • How Federal agencies currently manage their vendor infrastructure environments
  • What factors contribute to Feds’ adoption of a multi-vendor infrastructure environment
  • The major roadblocks in moving to an independent vendor infrastructure

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