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FDCCI Big Squeeze

Since the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) launched FDCCI in 2010, agencies have scrambled to meet the 2015 deadline of closing 1,200 data centers. More than halfway to the key date, agencies have found that data center consolidation can save money, boost efficiencies, and free up dollars that can be used for innovation or to fund other programs. But, while agencies are realizing tangible benefits as a result of consolidation, they are challenged to demonstrate quantifiable cost savings.

So will agencies' consolidation efforts pay off? Are we on track to close 1,200 data centers by 2015? MeriTalk surveyed IT professionals from industry and government to check the pulse of Federal data center consolidation efforts.

Download "The FDCCI Big Squeeze" to find out:

  • How Feds rate agencies' data center consolidation efforts
  • The current benefits agencies are experiencing from data center consolidation
  • What obstacles agencies face while working to meet FDCCI requirements
  • If agencies are on target to meet the 2015 FDCCI goal

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