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When: Wednesday, June 17, 2015
7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. ET
Where: Newseum, Washington, D.C.
Cost: Complimentary for government; industry rates apply
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Keynote Speaker

Tony Scott

Tony Scott

Chief Information Officer

Executive Office of the President


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Sponsors and Partners
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CCX Brainstorm


This year MeriTalk is colocating with NIST to bring you the fourth annual Cloud Computing Brainstorm on Wednesday, June 17 at the Knight Conference Center at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.

Join us in defining the foundation for modern technology and business. From FedRAMP to FedRAMP+ and the changing security requirements, we’ll address how to build a successful business model to provide a smooth transition of applications and services today, tomorrow, and in the future. Share your success stories, pain points, and recommendations for implementation as we dive into the latest trends, challenges, and the changing IT culture.

For more information on event details, please contact us at

Current/Past Government Speakers

Scott Tony Scott
Executive Office of the President
Greg Godbout Greg Godbout
Environmental Protection Agency
Joe Paiva Joe Paiva
International Trade Administration
Sheridan Chad Sheridan
Department of Agriculture
Summerlin Tony Summerlin
Federal Communications Commission
Matt Goodrich Matt Goodrich
General Services Administration
Michaela Iorga Dr. Michaela Iorga
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Rob Klopp Rob Klopp
Social Security Administration
Bennett David Bennett
Defense Information Systems Agency
Cooper Steve Cooper
Department of Commerce
Hale Richard Hale
Department of Defense
George Jakabcin George Jakabcin
Department of the Treasury
Martin Tarrazzia Martin
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Sun Charles Sun
Department of Commerce
Valivullah Michael Valivullah
Department of Agriculture
Jeremy M. Wiltz Jeremy M. Wiltz
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Issa Congressman
Darrell Issa

Connolly Congressman
Gerald Connolly

McClure David L. McClure
General Services Administration
Ouyachi Hamid Ouyachi
Department of Labor
Konieczny Frank Konieczny
U.S. Air Force
Walker Frosty Walker
Office of the Texas Secretary of State
Csulak Emery Csulak
Department of
Homeland Security
Dulany Kevin Dulany
Department of Defense
Roat Maria Roat
General Services Administration
Dyson Pamela Dyson
Securities and Exchange Commission
Petraska Karen Petraska
Petraska Sanjay Sardar
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Michael Wash Michael Wash
National Archives and Records Administration
John Letchford John Letchford
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Jim Sills Jim Sills
State of Delaware