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Who Says Fed IT Ain’t Sexy? 

So, I’m in the gym trying to shed the extra girth so generously bestowed by turkey and Christmas pudding. Who gets on the next treadmill? Kathy Ireland. Yes, Kathy Ireland, the supermodel turned super mogul. I try to play it cool – don’t look over. She taps me on the shoulder. “Aren’t you that Cup of IT nerd?” she asks. I unplug the earphones. Who would have guessed? She’s a Fed IT fan. “I’ve got an idea,” Kathy whispers. “How about we host a new kind of Fed IT forum? Kundra’s bringing in so many new, exciting IT initiatives, now’s the time to change the game.”

I’m struck dumber – does she know Vivek Kundra? “What do you want to do?” I say gasping from the treadmill and the shock. “I’d like MeriTalk to host a Fed IT Fashion Show at a new conference focused on innovation – how about calling it Innovation Nation?” I pinch myself. “MeriTalk could put together a killer program bringing together all the leading Fed IT execs to go beyond the cloud hype, to get to grips with the cyber issues facing our nation,” says Kathy. “Let’s bring in a big-brain from outside the Beltway; someone like Ray Kurzweil – a futurist to show us what data centers will be wearing in 10 years.”

“Killer idea, Kathy. Let’s host it March 4th at the Reagan Building in D.C. But, MeriTalk will only do it if you agree to host a Fed IT Fashion Show at Innovation Nation.” “I’m all in – and I’d like to sit in on the conference session,” says Kathy. I pinch myself again. Here’s your chance to spend a day learning about the future of Fed IT. It’s free – and it was Kathy Ireland’s idea. Space is limited. Register today –