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Posted: 10/17/2012 - 1 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]

Shaken Not Stirred

It’s ELC time again. And yes, I plan to go - despite ELC RIP post. So there’ll be fewer govies - more elbow room at the bar…
ELC is all about meeting and greeting - building relationships. Am I the only one that’s increasingly confused about how to say hello? Rock, paper, scissors - comfort of the handshake is being stirred up by new informalities. Are men and women supposed to hug? If so, when? Do we transition to the hug hello after six months or six years? What if you go for the hug and they go for the shake? How do you recover? What if it’s vice versa? You lead with the hand and see the hug coming - do you make a grab for the hand or kiss the cheek? Are you actually supposed to kiss the cheek - or will cheek-to-cheek action cut the mustard? Is flu season a good enough excuse to bow?
A Fair Shake?
And let’s just focus on the dude-to-dude connection for a minute. The shake comes in all shapes and sizes. The Buzzer. The Fish. The Sweaty McSweaterson. Heaven forbid, the Mason. Pick your weapon - it speaks volumes about you...
Aloha Allsorts
But why stop there? If any shake’s fair game - and hugs and kisses are on the table - why not get creative? At ELC, I’m on the lookout for the courtesy, the salute, the bro-hug, the chest bump, the pound and explode, as well as the double gun. Heck, if we’re getting less formal, what about the butterfly kiss? Why not throw in the nanu nanu for good measure?
But, let’s start with the handshake please - live long and prosper.
Face for Radio…
If reading the cup’s not enough for you - now we’re pouring it in your ear on the radio. Tune in to CBS Biz.Gov 1580 on the AM dial Mondays at 8 a.m. to get it while it’s hot - Or if you prefer iced tea, you can access the archives here - Yes, I’m joining Rush Limbaugh - but hoping to skip the OxyContin addiction…


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