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Posted: 10/1/2012 - 3 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]

Cloud Conflict?

The fox and the hen house. As the deadlines for response to GSA and DISA Cloud Broker RFIs came and went this fall - I had to wonder what questions would be made public - and what answers would be forthcoming? Are these public opportunities for input real - or merely a mollifying maneuver?
Well, here are a few questions that will definitely make it into the court of public opinion.
Why are GSA and DISA giving up their natural role as stewards of the public purse?
Why do we need intermediaries to “broker” cloud solutions for agencies?
Why can’t agencies buy services directly from industry - or through GSA schedules or DISA service catalogues - as they’ve always done?
What makes cloud different – isn’t buying cloud supposed to be the same as buying dial tone?
Why do agencies need to go through an industry broker to get to Google or Amazon or whosoever?
What’s the value add - and how much more will the additional layer cost Uncle Sam?
Is GSA so beaten from its contracting gaffes on Alliance and the like - and so embarrassed by Vegas ventures - that it’s ready to give up its reason for being?
And if so, what’s the future for GSA and DISA in a cloud world - does Uncle Sam need them?
And, last but not least - the fox and the hen house. Does it make sense for industry brokers to do the IV&V work and offer the solution?
Smart shops like SAIC are splitting in two to avoid OCI. Cat among the pigeons. Tin open, worms everywhere…

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