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Data center consolidation, or more appropriately, optimization, is every CIO's valentine when it comes to saving real money. It's no wonder Feds have such a crush - we spend about $40 billion every year on these processing hunks. But, are we getting more efficient?
With the promise of $3-5 billion in savings, congressmen and senators want to know. That's why Fed CIOs are lining up to speak at the Data Center Brainstorm on March 7 at the Newseum. In an environment where Fed IT conferences are love sick, the top 100 Fed data center pros will gather, teach, learn, and share. Check out the program and you'll soon swoon.
Roger That - Veterans Deliver Benefits
The morning opens with a keynote from Roger Baker. And, VA is the perfect agency to kick off the program. It had the most aggressive targets under FDCCI - with a goal to shrink from 87 to four data centers by 2015. We're all keen to hear about successes.
Six-Pack Apps - Energy and Diet Considerations
Who's not trying to get in great shape - even post-Valentine's Day? In the data center, that means fewer apps - flatten that belly. Join Anil Karmel from Energy and Rory Schultz from USDA as they focus on burning off mission-critical apps - beyond consolidated email. How do we shift from consolidation to transformation?
After Dating
Like every great romance, we pair off and get to the serious business of home making. This session looks at the transition to megacenters. How do agencies select which data centers they love - and which to spurn? And, importantly, how do agencies go about capitalizing megacenters to enhance infrastructure and capacity? Bernie Mazer, Interior CIO and co-chair of the CIO Council FDCCI committee; and Darren Smith, NOAA's high-performance computing guru, talk nesting and build-out. Quick public safety warning - last time Bernie spoke in a MeriTalk program the earth moved.
Who Do You Love?
Next, the Federal IT community recognizes the data center sweethearts with the Optimize awards. There's been a lot of talk about the challenges associated with data centers. A round of applause for the Feds that are making the tough decisions and realizing real results. No, it's not the Oscars - but we are recognizing real star power. And, speaking of star power, rumor has it, Data Center Dave will put in a cameo.
Show Me Your Love
And, we round off the day with a focus on the three Ms - management, metrics, and mandates. Join Simon Szykman, CIO at Commerce; James Flanagan, Deputy CIO at NRC; and Dave Hinchman, Data Center lead at GAO. Love for consolidation meets cold hard TCO and the business case. What do Feds need to make FDCCI a winning proposition?
All that and most of your afternoon handed back to you. We've structured the conference with consolidation in mind - kick off at 8 a.m., finished by 2:30 p.m. Space is limited. Register now. If you're worried about traffic, join Walt Bigelow of ATF and R.J. Meyers of EPA on the data center bus
Federal Data Centers. CIOs. All the government leaders. Awards. Data Center Dave. What's not to love?

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